How to start digital marketing

How to Find New Customers In Digital Marketing


Reach involves the set of promotional activities to rise prospect's attention on market respective products or service. Key Promotional area include Search engine marketing: Part of intent-based marketing channels,it includes area like SEO,Serach engine optimization, SEM Search Enigine Marketing (Google Adwords), Pay per Click.

  • Display Advertising Marketing: Classified as apart of brand marketing, it includes banner ads,sponsorship rich media ads,video ads,among others.
  • E-mai Marketing: Forms a part of direct message marketing and includes message shared via e-mail,SMS,Whatsapp message, newsletters.
  • Affiliate marketing:Part of partner marketing channel, it includes promotion shared as a part of affiliate sales efforts.
  • Social Media Sites:Part of community-based marketing areas, its includes Social Media like Facebook,Youtube,Instagram,Twiter,and more.

Involves the set of activities needed to engage prospects developed during the Reach stage. Key areas include:

  • Content marketing: Includes all content and information-related areas through which marketers promote their products and services, as well as, web content development,blog management, native content, webinars, playbooks, etc.
  • Public relations: Oriented typically towards media, key areas include newsletters, online magazines, link-building on sites, etc.
  • Special interest marketing: Involves activies related to developing specialized content and building networks through vertical and special interest sites
  • Viral marketing: Refers to videos, social messages, articles on buzzing topics created as sharable content for people to share brand values in an entertaining manner.
  • Gamification: Involves techniques in which brand marketing is dony by deploying gaming in non-game contexts where users are given prizes, discounts, and coupons for engagement and product trials

Activate: Includes activities to convert leads and make prospects take other actions which marketers want them to. Key areas include:

  • Interest based marketing: Involves promotion to customers who have interacted with a product on any of the online sales channel through personal messaging or giving them offers/discounts/coupons for real-time conversions.
  • Social targets: Includes sharing targeted messages to leads on social platforms; for example, Twitter tying up with Amazon to support consumers buy a product on Amazon using a Twitter message
  • Retargeting: Involves all sets of promotional activities to re-target ads (images and content) specifically for products which they left abandoned in website carts
  • Responsive marketing: Covers all activities which help respond to specific consumer queries while prospects are at the last stage of buying. It includes automated chats, sending response mails/SMSes to queries, social media responses, etc.
  • Custom recommendations: Involves sending direct promotions to consumers on related products/recommendations associated to what they have already bought

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