Intent -Based Marketing

Marketing through messages placed in conjunction with information obtained on search engine queries.

Brand Marketing

Utlizing advertising across websites and digital media formats for marketing.

Community -based marketing

Utlizing social media communites , social network, and platforms to conduct marketing.

Content Marketing

Using story- based elements to share marketing messages in a targeted area.

Partner Marketing

Includes involement of affiliates, third party sites for marketing also includes sponsorship and PR Activites.

Communication channel Marketing

Involes marketing on all communication lead platforms;this is a more recent and upcoming digital marketing area.

Practice Makes You Perfect



Searching Marketing

Search -based marketing communication, not only do firms get to know the top keywords which are important to their customer set with regards to the products they aim to sell, but it is also most creditable medium to take customers from an intent to the consumption stage.

Display Ads/Digital Advertising

With display having the power to track all online customer actions and send them trageted messages based upon each-marketing-funnel stage interaction, this from of advertising extends a creative and immersive angle to other integrated communication channels.

Website,Blog,Native Content

Digital content as also inthe case of traditional content is a powerful addition to the Digital marketer's communication armoury and with the emering usage of native content and advertorials, it becomes crucial to have a strong online content marketing stargety for each campaign.

FaceBook,Instagram,Whatsapp,Twiter and More Scial Media,

With digital community channels proving a quick responsive, and immediately accessible word-of mouth option, it has grained a lot of prominence in improvimg brand trust and letting way simlar people also have a prefrence for the product they are about to purchase.

Affiliate marketing,Sponsorsship,PR

with the need for communication extending to mutiple destination sites, instead of just one portal, partner marketing helps overall Intagrated Marketing Comunication program reach out to customers with varied interests on nthe online destinationms they like to visit.

e-mail marketing,SMS,Whatsapp

Through detials collected from traditional visits and feedback forms, companies now have options to purse personal data for permissions rather than pushing the product onto the consumer.Online offers are being integrated with offline purchases, location-based marketing.contests,and other sucessful techniques.

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