Your phone number is banned
from using WhatsApp

simple way to reactivate your Whatsapp Number!


Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp

Many of you have got seen the above message from WhatsApp which is surprising for you. You always questioned, why this happened and what you should do to keep away from this. This takes place due to the fact you have violated their terms and conditions.WhatsApp bans accounts in approaches of Ban, Temporary and permanent.

Temporary Ban is usually for 6 or 24 hours at the same time as permanent Ban is as the name indicates, permanent. As there's almost no documentation and explanation approximately the ban, its usually a matter of speculation amongst the person as to why your variety became banned.

WhatsApp Banned & its solution Video

Because your WhatsApp account receives banned, WhatsApp just gives you an e-mail redirecting you to theirterms of service document. You are redirected to this link. Which tells you to use in a responsible way. Then there is a hyperlink to terms and conditions of WhatsApp, But that also does no longer let you know why your number were given banned.

But not anything tells you precisely why turned into your number banned. You are left guessing and confused.


The logic behind banning your number

Their more than 2 crore customers are their largest asset on which they earn sales with Business API that they provide.

Their user base will preserve on growing so long as the service is clean and without spam.

If a person sends mass of WhatsApp messages, then the service turns into bad and WhatsApp will lose their users. (Remember, their users are their asset).

So if you generate SPAM messages, they might be ban you.

WhatsApp generates revenue through API and different automation offerings.

So if you use third-party tools to emulate those features then additionally WhatsApp will Ban your number.

Is Ban dependent on the device which you use?

It’s a commonplace fable that the Whatsapp ban is dependent on the device which you use. In truth, there may be no relation whatsoever among the device and the reason or logic on your number getting banned.

WhatsApp invigilating users account on their server-side. and not the client aspect. So the tool does not problem. It’s the incorrect use of the tool this is the trouble.

What is the reason for Banning your number

  • Using a 3rd parties device for sending Automated WhatsApp messages.
  • Sending Lots of Messages in a short period of time.
  • A suddenly increase side the large messages campaign sent. Especially on a newly activated number.
  • Sending the coequal content message to lots of people, in a brief period of time.
  • The ratio of dispatched v/s received is imbalance. You are sending lots of messages however you received very less range of messages.
  • Sending messages to unsaved contacts can also bring about Ban. This definitely way that you are sending messages to people whom you don’t recognize.
  • People report or Block you. This is the #1 reason for your number getting banned.

How to activate banned WhatsApp number

Send an e-mail to support@whatsapp.Com from your individual e mail ID. Explain the utilization pattern and request for removing off the ban.
how to remove whatsapp ban
  • When you get a message that your number is banned, there's a popup with buttons. Support and cancel. Click on .
  • On the next screen click on "This doesn't answer my question".
  • Now WhatsApp will open your Email Client and compose a message. Don’t press send yet.
  • Two stuff you want to do before you hit send. Change e mail ID to help@whatsapp.Com (original message may have some thing that says support@smb.Whatsapp.Com – this doesn't work).
  • Write a personal message, why your number need to be unbanned.
  • Please consist of the log record this is generated
  • You will get an auto-response announcing that they're searching into the coequal.
  • After 4-24 hours, you have to get a replay and your WhatsApp number gets activated.
  • This might also or might not occur based on what is detected by their servers.
  • After 2-3 Ban, there may be a PERMANENT BAN. After that WhatsApp does now not even respond for your electronic mail queries.
  • Be careful the above method isn't guaranteed to work continually.
  • We need to don't forget that Whatsapp is a private business enterprise and not a government. Your logic does no longer practice there.

How to avoid WhatsApp Ban

  • People to whom you send messages Always send messages
  • People who recognize you or you recognize them.
  • OR You have a motive to send a message to them.
  • OR those who might find your messages beneficial.
  • Save people into your Contact List first before sending them the messages.
  • Increase the Sending ratio of messages gradually.
  • The frequency of messages to people beings is essential. Make certain that there is a sent of 7-15 days among messages that all people gets out of your facet.
  • Send messages which people might reply to you
  • Don’t send the same message over and over.

Never send these types of messages

  • Obscene defamatory statements about everybody.
  • Any message that could contain viruses or malware.
  • Always use the authentic WhatsApp app. Using unofficial Apps like GB WhatsApp or every other is more likely to bring about a ban.
  • Always maintain up to date to the present day model of WhatsApp.
  • Always use 3G or 4G and not Wifi.
  • Use mobile number that's popular (old). Don’t get a brand new connection for this activity.

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