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Mail Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the least expensive marketing channels. Today, most email marketers are paying just a few paisas for each email and the ROI on the email is really high. Email marketing forms a very small part of the total marketing budget, but is still a very effective way of generating revenues. Although, email marketing has become widespread, email marketers are still not leveraging the true potential of email marketing. Here we take care of the smallest details to make an email marketing campaign a success. We sit with the clients and understand their requirement. We take inputs from them and then our creative team designs an effective email template, which then is used in the proposed email campaign. This ensures higher readability and in turn higher sales.

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This is How Our Software is Working!

Pigeon Email Automation V.2.0.0

How to setting file

Email marketing is unaviodable things in digital marketing, you can retarget your customers frequently.
develop a targeted strategy and plan through Email Automation

How to Install Pigeon Email Automation v.2.0.0

Download Pigeon Email Automation V.2.0.0 from, First of all INSTALL Setup"Pigeon Email Automation setup" from the Folder --->> After Installing the Software Open the software from Desktop: "Pigeon Email Automation"--->> You will get the welcome screen "Register Pigeon Email Automation"--->>>> Copy the REQUEST CODE and fill Below Given Details: 1) YOUR NAME: 2) REGISTERED EMAIL ID: 3) REGISTERED MOBILE NO: 4) HARDWARE ID: --->>>> And send the above details to >>>> <<<<< --->>>> PLEASE ALLOW AT-LEAST 06 - 12 HOURS TO GENERATE THE LICENSE KEY REMEMBER: "Send your EMAIL ID & MOBILE NUMBER which you have registered at the time of Buying the Software" otherwise License Key will not be sent to any other EMAIL ID --->> LICENSE KEY Will work for only one PC. Make sure you install the software in your working System. License Key will not be installed to any other System.

Settings of Pigeon Email Automation V.2.0.0

After downloading the software, from the home screen. Open the Pigeon Email Automation. Then the home page of the software will appear in the menu area under the Tools menu setting. one is Email Setting another one is Time Setting, have to fill both settings,You can find setting under the tools on top menu bar.

Email Setting

Here have to write your SMTP Email server details, Select correct Port and enable SSL. and mail user name and password have to write correctly. and time setting Observe the interval or delay for each email. The value of time given here is calculated in milliseconds. So record the correct value.

How to upload Emails

Once the email setting is complete, you need to upload the emails to be sent. We can handle this in two ways. One can be done through e-mail book and the other can be imported.

How to send Email

At the time of sending the email, the sender must write the e-mail and write summary notes of the email in the subject area. Email can be written in detail. The important thing is if the email is located in the normal ,Uncheck HTML.