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Pay Per Click

Just like SEO, PPC has its own four-stage iterative process. With this form of advertising every cent counts, and with the added element of expenditure you need to maintain an astute attention to detail so as to not spend your budget frivolously. Take a look at each of these four stages so you know exactly what is in store for you in this chapter

Set your goals

Before starting and making an investment for your PPC journey, you first want to study the advantages PPC can convey in your enterprise. With this expertise you could then outline exactly what your goals could be and how to align KPIs with them

Set up your account

In this stage you may be guided step-with the aid of-step thru each element worried in putting in place your very own Google AdWords account, from creating PPC campaigns to assigning budgets

Manage your campaigns

This stage details what happens after your campaigns have been launched and how best to manage them. The finer details of the AdWords interface will also be explored to help you discover the variety of options you can implement to yield a higher return on investment (ROI)

Analyze your results

The final stage in the PPC process is all about measuring your success through KPIs, tools, and reports. By using this data you will be able to better optimize your campaigns for the next iteration, while considering the relevant data protection and privacy issues associated with PPC

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