How to get customers through Digital Marketing

TThere are numerous iteration and improvements based on the changeing demands and functions of marketing and the addition of new digital marketing elements.Here we can create some startgey we called it .marketing funnel and on startgey corresponding impact and involments on the consumption side, we trmed it consumer funnel.lets we see consumer funnel replicates the stages of the marketing funnel to look at the consumer inputs and impacts on the marketing funnel.

Marketing Funnel stages are described as

Plan Develop marketing plan, content startgey, and branding material which wouldbe used to conduct marketing across the following funnel funnel stages.

  • Marketing Material Creation
  • Branding Material Creation
  • Marketing Content Creation
  • Sponsored Articles Creation
  • Rich-Media Creation for Interest based sites.

Reach Involves the set activites to raise prospect's attention to product/sercice.

  • Digital Marketing(General)
  • Search MArketing (SEO,SEM,PPC)
  • Display Advertising
  • Site Sponsorship
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Sites Promotion

Engage The graduel typically multi-channel set of activites need to engage the prospects developed during Reach stage.this the stage were leads are generated.

  • Digital MArketing (Specific)
  • Customised webinar/Intractions
  • Specifi interest Sites/Apps
  • Premimum POrtals/Social Sites.

Activate The activites needed for prospects to take the actions. this is the stage which relates to final converts.

  • Digital MArketing (Individual)
  • Customized Marketings
  • Messages/Ads/Retargeted/Email Marketing,Social Media targeted Messages.

Nurture The activites needned to nurture the customer relationship created in the activation stage. this the stage which relates to creation loyalists

  • Digital Marketing (Loyailty)
  • Deeper Interaction for feedback and activation of brand loyalists as referrers.
How to get customers through Digital Marketing
  • Pre-Marketing Interaction
  • General Online Search New customer First time web visit
  • Aggregator/Affiliate/Blog site Visit Social Media Page Visit.
  • Post Marketing Passive Interaction
  • Social Media Discovery
  • Website/Blog/Interest site Discovery
  • Active/Real-Time Search conducted
  • Social Media Pages/Blogs Visited.
  • Post Marketing Active Interaction
  • Brand/Product site interaction
  • Online Commerce Portal Lead
  • Active Customer Support Discussion
  • SMS/Whatsapp Chat Based Lead.
  • Post Marketing Purchase
  • Moving along lead to convert stages
  • Purchase Completed
  • Product delivered
  • Post Marketing Fan or Fall out
  • Customers other become strong followeres or fall out; Negative social feedback from dis satisfied customers.

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