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How to do website scrutinize like a SEO professional

Website seo reviewer is an audit of a website. Website owners or SEO professionals use everyday tactics to find a website in the search engine (SEPR- Search Engine Page Ranking) and to get their website on the first page. Let us learn how a website responds in the search engine.Website must be indexed in Google before it can be found in a Google search engine. The Google search engine crawls all the websites indexed in Google by the Google Bot. In this practice, the code used in the website (HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP) are known and indexed in the search engine, and everyone is put errofts to come first on search engine table. Google Bot is a systematized robot. To understand this, you need to enter meta tags into the website and enter them into the robot.txt server. With robot.txt you can write commands to index all search engines.


Micro Level Website seo audit check list

If a website is to respond in the search engine, the website must be well planned and configured. Website design needs to be configured to be SEO optimal from the very beginning. If you have a website you need to do website development and tweak it to help SEO. You can do this by getting free SEO Tools at You need to audit the website to complete the SEO of the website. Only then will the mistakes in the website be revealed. Correct that mistake immediately without prolonging it. It can also be called website development. Website audit can generally be divided into three types. I submit them for your perusal. 1. On Page SEO 2.Off Page SEO 3. Technical SEO. Here I am obliged to tell you that SEO is perfected with some rules, guidelines and best technique of these three types of SEO.


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Different between Onpage SEO & Off page SEO

On page SEO:
This refers to the seo work that can be done on your website. Website title, description, keywords, alt tag for images used on the website, page title and subtitles, excellent content, internal links (links to other pages on your web site that make it easier to reach other pages) Onsite your website. Considered the jobs of SEO. I have given onpage SEO check list to see it ...

Off page SEO:
SEO work that makes you stand out from your website. Other websites with more domain authority link to your website through a link. What is the use of this? I have given all the things that visitors need on my website. Then why create a link to an external website? Questions may arise in the mind.The new website will take some time to gain popularity. By getting a link from an already well-known website, visitors to your website can be more easily linked to other websites through actions such as backlinks and social bookmarking.


Off page SEO is about creating contacts outside of the website.
On page SEO is the customization of the construction of a website to suit the search engine.


brief about website seo audit

1Title Tag

It is imperative that a website make its editorial relevant and relevant. In this you can create a title using your keyword. When you search for information in the Google search engine you will find the result of the given title. The title should be very unique and elegant. There are countless websites. They also have a similar design and your website should look different from that. Be very careful when creating the title and write the key word in the title. For title and content. Must be in touch. If not it is very difficult to get page rankings in your web page search engine. There are websites that offer great advice on this and I have listed some of them for you. Character number of title should not exceed 60 to 70 characters. Some characters will not be displayed if the titles are too long. So avoid the long title.


2Meta Discription

When searching for information on the Internet using keywords. Some effects are available. The first thing that comes up in the title is the meta description, which, in short, refers to your website in a few words. The short explanation should be in a few words, not to exceed 160-300 characters, with the intention of making it easier for searchers to understand. Create a sentence using your most important keyword in it. It's likely that your website will get stuck while searching for that keyword in the search engine. If you do not provide a description meta description Google search engine will automatically generate description from the content on your website.


3Meta Keyword

Write down the keywords you have chosen for the content you have created for the website. Arise as a sentence consisting of key words. Do not create content just for the sake of adding keywords. Keep two things in mind. It's because of the customers who visit your website. Your content should be compelling to read, and the website should have keywords. Then your website. Creating content that focuses only on the idea that the search engine will be on the table will set the stage for boredom for those who come to read. The second thing is that if you create a content by pouring in keywords it is likely that the search engine will predict the content and push the website backwards in the table. Consider these things and make your content as interesting as possible and without too much keywords.

Types of Keywords and How to research opt keyword for your website

Here's a look at some of the best and SEO experts' handles for choosing keywords, before looking at what are the types of keywords 1. Exact Keyword 2.Long Tail or Broad Keyword 3.Pharse 4.Nagative Keyword. We can handle this situation with two options. 1.Offline keyword research, 2.Online Keyword Research, To learn more about this I have already written an article titled How Do I Find Trending Keywords in Google Read it and resolve your doubts. To read it ... click here.

Best Keyword Planners

keyword density

In a website audit you need to know how dense the keywords used in the content of your website are, and what is the keyword density? What is the key word? If we know the answer to the question we get, the words that most visitors write and search on Google search board, become keywords. Its density increases depending on the number they are looking for. That is, the density of the keyword depends on the number of times the word is used.When a high-density keyword is used on a website, visitors to your page get an organic search. See the website reviewer page for the density of keywords used on your website.

4Content Headings. H tags

H-tags are subtitles of the article, which fall into six categories: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. It can be written in the right way, with keywords, where needed. H1 -Page Title, H2, Content Title, H3, Paragraph Title, H4, H5, Paragraph Sub-Title, H6 Paragraph can be used to refer to important phrases used inside. The main features of the article are preface, explanation, conclusion, there are many instances of the use of H tags on the explanation page. In my opinion it would be better to use them with the second phase keywords as well.

5Alt Attribute

The images on the website can be named with the keyword Alt Attribute. Alt- is a change, Attribute - is a feature or an alternative feature that tells the search engine bot the appropriate system language. What is the use of this Alt Attribute? How to write that coding? Let us now see the answer to the question. When searching with the keyword on the web, the images will also appear in that table, and the images on the website will be added to the table if the Alt Attribute is created with the keyword. Searching for images also increases the chances of your website being displayed to visitors.

HTML code for the Alt Attribute

img src = "img_girl.jpg" alt = "Girl in a jacket"> use image and explain.

6XML ​​Sitemap

XML ​​Sitemap is an xml language format used to index websites on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. To see what features it has, the URL of the web pages will be Uniform Resource Locators. When was that page last modified? Personal preference for that page, i.e. is the page changed frequently? What changes are in the intervals of days, weeks, months. Such information can be set to tell search engines. There are numerous websites that offer this feature for free, either manually or manually, for every page on the web.


It is a system that communicates information to search engines through the server, specifically requiring the server's help to respond to the website, sending the pages of the configured website to the server and thereby providing information to the search engines and replicating the website. What works with robots.txt? Managing commands. There are integrated search engines, such as Googlebot, googlebot-image, googlebot-mobile, MSNBot, Slurp, Teoma, Gigabot, Robozilla, Nutch, ia_archiver, baiduspider, naverbot, yeti, yahoo-mmcrawler, psbot, yahoo-blogs. Most of us are familiar with Googlebot, MSNBot, and Yahoo. You can write some commands in robots.txt, which is used to create commands to allow those search engines to browse the web in whatever search engine you think your website should reflect on. XML will also take the help of Sitemap when this adaptation takes place. Also this is some directory file on the website, can be controlled by the commands written here if the pages do not adapt. Search engines can also say in index and no follow in meta tech.

8Link Analysis

Link analysis can be divided into three types. 1, Backlinks 2, Social Media Links 3, Broken Link. Links are interconnections, where a link is about the links that are made to the website as a reference point.


Backlinks: Website audit to find out how many links to websites and pages are available from external websites. These types of connections are divided into two types. follow links follow links If you ask me what is the use of these links, the traffic to the website will increase. This is one of the efforts to attract the audience.


Social Media Links: There are countless social networking sites, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Pintrest, Reddit, Youtube, LinkedIn, Vimeo, the number of people using social networking sites is increasing day by day. From there it is very easy to attract visitors to your website. The social networking site has many domain authority pages. Getting a link from there will also increase the reputation of your website.


Broken Link: When building a website you need to link other pages together with the index page on the website. If there is an error in the connection, the connection will be disconnected. Detected during website review to find such links. Those mistakes can be remedied.

9Page Speed

This is something to look out for in a website review. This is because if the size of the web pages is large. Its speed will be seen to decrease. We will see the types of images at here. .jpg or JPEG .PNG .GIF .webP Images like these will adorn your website and look low quality. The size of the page of the website should be compressed without compromising its quality. It is called minify. I have given the link to minify.

10Mobile Compatibility

Make sure the website is configured separately for the handset. With more and more people using mobile phones today, you need to test everything like mobile compatibility, page speed, for mobile, to target them and bring them to the website.


If you analyze a website as above. If we find any mistakes in them and fix them immediately, the value of the website will increase and the number of customers will increase. This is provided by the Marketopedia website reviewer tools. We offer it completely free. It is very simple to use. All you have to do is go to the marketopedia website reviewer page and type your website domain. In a very simple way your website will be analyzed and an information report will be prepared for it. You can download it. Our congratulations on getting rid of your website's mistakes and reaching the top spot soon.

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